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Senjata Favourite Agil Bianconeri nih pemirsa

katar adalah senjata yang harus menggunakan tenaga ekstra untuk mendapatkan serangan yang luar biasa
selain itu , orang yang memakai senjata katar ini harus lincah, jika tidak akan terkena serangan musuh
nih dia picture"nya

nah yg diatas tadi gambar nya.biar lebi jelas ini ada karakter2 game yg pake katar.nih dibuka ajah
Spoiler for ini dia si katar user :p:
* The Soul Edge/Soul Calibur games, as the weapon of choice of the character Voldo (in an oversized, three-bladed version).
* The Jungle Book the live action movie is shown and explained to be used to remove an enemy's guts.
* Diablo II: Lord of Destruction as the preferred weapon of the Assassin class.
* The Assassin of Hexen II also uses an unusual twin-blade Katar as her default starting weapon.
* In Ragnarok Online, this is an exclusive weapon to the Assassin and Assassin Cross classes.
* Kiros, a character in the Squaresoft game, Final Fantasy VIII, uses katars as his weapon of choice.
* In Final Fantasy XI, it is a type of hand-to-hand weapon used mainly by Monks but is also usable by several other classes.
* In The Last Legion, a multibladed Katar was used by the Eastern Empire female warrior, Mira.
* In the world of Summoner, Katars (called Khosani Blades) are the traditional weapon of the people of Vadagar the earth god , the Khosani.
* In the film Hellboy, the assassin Kroenen is seen using bladed weapons similar to Katars that could retract into his Nazi uniform jacket.
* In the MMORPG ROSE Online Katars are a weapon in use mostly by the Hawker class preferred because of their speed.
* A weapon similar to the Katar appeared in the 2007 action-stealth game Assassin's Creed.
* In the online MUD, Discworld, the katar is a weapons favored by assassins and thieves for its strong stabbing abilities.
* In the MMORPG Shaiya Katars will also be available in the class 'Vail, Assassin'
* In the Prince of Persia 2008, the Hunter, one of the enemies uses Mechanical Katar as his main weapon
* In the online game "Rohan: Blood Fued", Katars are the favored weapon by the "dhan" (assasin) race.
* The anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00 features a Katar-like weapon called a Carbon Blade. These are usually seen as standard equipment on the Tieren-type Mobile Suits of the Human Reform League.
* In the popular MMORPG Maplestory, a thief class can obtain/use a similar weapon can be purchased, called a "Triangular Zamadar".
* In the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Optimus Prime is seen weilding dual katars in a fight.
* In the game Feudalism 2, the assassin Diana can wield katars.
* In the game Starcraft, the Protoss Zealot uses a katar style weapon.
* In the game Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and 4th editions, a katar is one of the weapons available for use.
* Manhunter (Paul Kirk) of DC Comics universe is known to use a Bundi dagger.


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